Our Planning Process

Introductory Conversation

We begin with an introductory conversation that will help determine whether our planning philosophy and process are a good fit for what you need.


Our discovery process enables us to gather sufficient information to understand your goals and current situation, provide answers to long-standing questions, and develop a list of key concerns to be addressed.

Much as financial lives are variable, our fees are determined by the scope of work and explained during our Discovery process. Our goal is to provide real value that is also cost-effective for our clients.

Planning Meetings

During our interactive planning meetings, we ask lots of questions designed to address everything we need to know to develop your customized financial plan and recommendations.

Examining a variety of scenarios and variables, we look at the “what-ifs” and how they might affect your finances. Topics include investments, budgeting, insurance, education, employee benefits, business planning, retirement, and estate & legacy planning.

Plan Delivery

Bringing it all together, we deliver and discuss your financial plan, including the plan summary and action plan.


When you implement your plan with us, we guide you through each step in your action plan to help make certain that coordinated solutions are put in place to accomplish your goals in the most efficient and effective way.

Once everything is in place, we make certain you are able to access up-to-date information as well as any other services you may need. 

Ongoing Guidance and Annual Review

We provide ongoing support and advice to our clients. With most families, there are financial decisions (such as those involving a job change, major purchases, etc.) that are made throughout the year. We want to be the first call our client makes when he/she is faced with a financial challenge or opportunity.

Our high level of support offers clients a unique opportunity to have a financial advocate who helps with all types of financial decisions, in real-time, as they occur.

On an annual basis, we re-evaluate the financial plan, taking into account any changes and making sure our client is still meeting his/her goals.  This ensures continued peace of mind for our clients.