Shannon's Story

Shannon was beginning a new chapter in her life as a single woman in her early fifties. Her husband had handled all of her finances prior to this life change and she didn’t understand the details and felt intimidated and overwhelmed at the prospect of managing it all.

Shannon was looking for a financial advisor/coach to help her make sense of her financial condition and to assist her with budgeting and making the most of her financial resources. With the loss of one income, she realized that she would need to change her budget; however, Shannon didn’t know what changes would be best to make. She also had questions about what types of insurance she should have and she wanted to learn more about the basics of sound investing.

Shannon wanted to help her daughter with her college costs; however, she wasn’t sure how much she could afford to contribute, now that things had changed so significantly. She had also heard that she might be eligible for a Social Security benefit for her 15 year-old son and wanted to know how to secure the income.

Although Shannon had benefits through her employment, she was confused about the different options available and needed guidance on which benefits were necessary. She was also living in a home she could no longer afford but wasn’t sure if she could qualify for the level of mortgage she would need if she scaled down to a smaller home.

Through our time together, we were able to answer all of Shannon’s questions and address the areas of her life where gaps existed. We developed a comprehensive plan for her which gave her the much-needed clarity she desired. Through education, she was able to gain confidence regarding her financial decision making and to feel more in control of her financial life.