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Leila Grimball Schaefer, LUTCF

Life Underwriter Training Council Fellow

B.A. In History with minor in Business and Sociology, Presbyterian College, South Carolina

Growing up, I watched my mom handle some of life’s biggest challenges with grit and determination. She instilled in me a great sense of capability, and I grew up knowing that whatever I ended up doing for a career, I wanted it to be centered around helping others.

I began in this industry with a core focus on insurance, so my knowledge expands beyond investments. Being female and significantly younger than most financial advisors helps to set me apart in an industry where the average age of an advisor is 57 years old. I bring a very different perspective, and believe that our female-focused approach is deeply necessary in an industry that remains predominantly designed by men for men.

Mother and I wanted to build a firm that focused on true financial planning, free from the conflicts often associated with the sales environment so frequently found within the financial services industry. We made the decision to combine our different experiences, skills and personalities so we could offer our clients a more valuable and cohesive experience.

My role here at Mosaic Wealth Strategies is to give guidance on the reality of a client’s financial life, and walk them through the planning process. I gather information, research questions, explore goals, and then in concert with my mom, develop the various strategies that help our clients achieve their goals.

I love getting to know our clients throughout this process. Each has their own unique concerns and dreams. Through our work together, our clients are no longer doubtful or confused about their financial picture; they are hopeful and have peace of mind. Witnessing this transformation is what motivates me!

As part of the millennial generation, I am able to leverage technology to help our clients achieve their goals. I am highly proficient with e-Money planning software and help clients evaluate the costs and benefits of multiple financial scenarios, enabling them to make smarter, well-informed financial decisions.

I live in Greenville with my husband Dylan, and am the proud mother of four young boys, Henry, Grey, and twins Crawford and Calhoun, and dog-mom to Bear (I live in a house of boys, and work in a career focused on women!). I am active in bible study (d-group), book club, card club, and our local church.

My family and I love the community in Greenville, and find great joy in immersing ourselves in it as much as we can. I love the Lord, my family, and friends. I enjoy cooking, traveling, reading, watching movies, and being the best wife and mother I can be.


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